Paranormal Investigations

Double Dare

Dates: 11th October 2019 or 19th October 2019
Event time: 7.30pm to 1am
Cost £55.00 per person

Have you ever been curious about methods of ghost detection and the paranormal? The Caves are reputed to have their own resident ghosts, Suki and Paul Whitehead.

Perhaps you've wondered if you could undertake the night long vigil, required by all good ghost hunters... Are you game enough to find out… Deep down in the Hellfire Caves?

The Hellfire Caves, considered one of the most haunted sites in Britain, invites you to join us for one of our most popular events. First, a candlelit ghost tour to learn about the caves strange and unique history. Then, join us as we try to contact the other side! experience a group reading from our respected psychic medium, and see if you can experience your own piece of the paranormal. Be guided by the experienced team from Ghostfinder Paranormal Society (GPS) as they conduct a real paranormal investigation here at the Hellfire Caves. With their no nonsense approach, the team from GPS will take you under their wing and introduce you to their world. The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society is a professional ghost hunting investigation team. They are keen ghost hunters with years of experience. Using the latest ghost detecting technology, GPS will demonstrate and explain the methods required to detect paranormal phenomenon. The team are no strangers to the Caves and have in the past recorded some fascinating images and sound. Now you can join them, if you dare.

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